Want to Learn How to 
Consistently Generate 10-30+ Medicare Appointments Every Single Month With High Intent Pre-Qualified Medicare Opportunities 
Without Ever Having to Rely on Lead Vendors or Marketing Agencies EVER AGAIN?

We have spent over $1.8M in ads and generated over 500K leads proving this system and now you can do it too...

Your Instructors

Ahmed Hashim, BDS. 

Ahmed is an advertising expert, instructor, business owner and a former dentist.

Prior to building his own business: Insurance Lead Mastery (former MediMetrics), Ahmed was a marketing director at 3CDental Group and ZMedClinic which oversaw marketing and public relations for over 20 clinics across Texas.

Over the past 8 years, Ahmed has been generating over 500K leads through social media, TV, & Google for many insurance agencies and medical clinics. At his peak campaign, he spent over $1.8 million dollars in ad generating over 250K leads for medicare agencies.

More importantly, Ahmed is also a husband and a father of three beautiful children. He and his family lives in Katy, TX.

Daniel 'Danny' Senni, CRO

Danny is a sales wizard, entrepreneur, and an instructor.

Growing up in France, Danny always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and helping other people. His dream came true when he moved to Montreal, Canada in 2008 to learn about sales, business, and project management. 

Since then, Danny has accumlated over 10 years in sales and $20M in revenue, notably being the North America Strategic Account Executive at Sage, Account Manager at VoxData, and Branch Manager at PeopleReady. He is known to have the ability to close sales whever he can get phone signal such as at the gym or the market.

Danny is also a muscian in Canada. You will often find him performing at major musical events in Vancouver and Montreal. 
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In This FREE Training You'll Discover

Secret 1

How we were able to generate 500,000+ leads for insurance agents without relying on lead brokers, outdated lists or spending countless hours

Secret 2

Why most insurance agents fail to dominate their market and lose precious time

Secret 3

How we are able to generate leads that are qualified and have a 30% connection rate while ensuring automation of manual activities

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am not good with tech. Does this to work for me?

You don’t have to be a tech person to generate booked appointments and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We provide you with everything you need in order to successfully generate Medicare opportunities & Appointments, so you can focus on being what you’re good at: helping people find the best Medicare Options. 

We also provide Done-With-You and Done-For-You services for busy agents and agencies who want extra support to get their calendar fully booked. 

I've bought from agencies in the past, and I didn't see a boost in appointments for my agency. How do I know this will work?

We target a specific niche of insurance: Medicare, and we are crazy good at it. We has over $1.8M in ad spend to prove our process works. 

Process Summary: We target people who are turning 65 in the next 6 months for you to meet them before any other Agent giving you an upper-hand advantage. On top of that, we only use the strategies that have worked for us repeatedly. Proven systems, reliable strategies, and guaranteed Medicare opportunities and appointments for your Medicare agency. 

Moreover, we have the world's boldest guarantee... If you fail to generate Medicare Opportunities & Appointments after following our system within the first 30 days, we GUARANTEE 100% REFUND so there is no risk to you.

The world is going through COVID and market recession, is NOW a good time to invest in my Medicare agency marketing?

Yes, these are the cheapest advertising costs we’ve seen in the last 5 years. Now is a perfect time to invest while costs are at an all-time low. We're even seeing Medicare Agents in certain markets cut their acquisition cost in HALF. Of course, these cheap Cost-Per-Lead only happens when you follow our proven process and strategy. We cannot promise on other people's processes. 

Do you offer appointment setter solution?

Yes, We offer a humanized AI solution where it calls the leads 3 times within 15 minutes, we achieved 15 - 30% answer rate to book appointments. As well as our auto-booking system is at work for you too!

Do you offer a CRM?

Yes, we offer No Lead Left Behind, an All-In-One CRM system that includes: Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Booking, CRM, Pipeline, Power Dialer and Funnel Builder.

If you already have a working CRM, we are happy to help you integrate with our system as well.

How will I know when I receive new leads or appointments?

You will receive notification(s) of lead(s) or appointment(s) via SMS, email, and on the CRM dashboard instantly when the lead(s) opt-in  or book an appointment with you.

Does your ads say "State Regulated" or "Government Issued" ?

Our ads are clear and mention "Medicare Insurance" & "State Approved". Our ads also mention that they will be contacted by a Medicare Advisor.

In addition, Our ads are TCPA Compliance. We also offer HIPPA system per request. 

How long does it take to start getting leads after signing up for 
Medicare Lead Mastery program?

By getting through the course in a timely manner, you should be able to get a campaign running in 12-24 hours. Your campaign will start generating leads within 24-48 hours after going live. 

Our guarantee is that you'll get Medicare opportunities within the first 30 days of signing up and implementing our system.

Do you provide scripts and training?

Yes, we will provide you with appointment setting script(s), as well as our top 1% agent call framework guide to model upon joining the training program. 

We'll show you our framework how to take the calls to get them interesting in speaking with you about their Medicare options instead of other agentcy.

Why Does Medicare Lead Mastery Auto-Booking System Stand Out?

Our AI SOLUTION talks to Facebook, ClickFunnels and 2,000 other platforms. When a Medicare opportunity comes in, the software calls the prospect and provides them the opportunity to connect with you to set an appointment or go over their options right away. (no delays, no manual work, guaranteed speed to lead)

Our Solution replaces all of your duct-tape solutions: it's a CRM, a mass email tool, a mass text message tool, an appointment scheduler and a virtual assistant all-in-one!

​If you're generating leads online, Our tool can "listen" to your website and help you follow up with your leads right away!

​You can manage your business from your mobile phone, with our feature-packed app (available on iTunes and Google Play) (Coming Soon!)

How do I join the Medicare Lead Mastery program?

Watch the video on the next page, by simply filling out the form on the pop-up. 

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Some of Our Clients Lead Replies! 

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